Friday 26th April.

Decided to spend the afternoon at Upton Warren today as the weather was clearly going to be better than expected.

In spite of a severe hail storm during my stay I managed to get some pretty satisfying shots of the Avocets and a Common Sandpiper using my Swarovski ATX `scope and DSLR...

Common Sandpiper.
Common Sandpiper.

Avocets inspecting a possible nesting site.

Will this do, dear????

Avocet on nest.

Avocet protecting eggs from the storm.

Sandpiper in storm.

A Little Ringed Plover proved more difficult to photograph however...
The digiscoping setup seems to be able to produce some good results - up to about 35x is the limit I reckon: shutter speeds of 1/1000th second require ASA ratings of at least 800ASA as well. The canon handles these high sensitivities well; post processing with Lightroom 4.4 to remove noise helps as well.

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