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How did I manage to get anything done when I had to work for a living!

It is now two weeks ago that we visited Adam and Emma and enjoyed a successful couple of days of walking and birdwatching under the direction of our guides.

The highlight of Saturday April 4th was the Wheatear that `posed` for some time and allowed such great close-ups above Port Eynon beach.
Adam pointed out the petrified forest that is emerging from the sands as the tides scour sand away due to extensive off-shore sand-dredging. I noted the expanses of bare conglomerate rock that I do not remember being visible a few years ago. I wonder if Port Eynon might lose all of its sand in the future?
Petrified forest - Port Eynon Beach.

Petrified forest - Port Eynon Beach.

Of note also was the unusually obliging Pied Wagtail - my attempts to get close to these little birds often causes mirth...
Pied Wagtail.
It is clear that the migrants are arriving in numbers now (or do I mean two weeks ago).

On Sunday Adam took us to the WWT site near Swansea. This was the perfect place to try out my new toy - a Swarovski ATX system with digiscoping APO adaptor. Unfortunately the weather was poor - but the SCAUP seen by MOM ("what`s that bird with its beak stuck on wth white blu-tak)...
Results showed promise - the Canon DSLR performing well at 1000ASA in the poor light. Actually FINDING the birds will remain a challenge for a while though I fear!!!!!

Other birds that allowed me to find them included -
Greylag bathing.


This Thrush waited for ages to be photographed!

Of course, not all the birds required a `scope...
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Mallard with chicks.

Mallard chick.

Perhaps next time I can try the `scope in sun.


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