The Easter Sunday saw us walking around the lake at Tanygrisiau. We walked around the lake and up to the top reservoir for the power station. This pumped-water HEP station is worth a visit in its own right as it is an impressive piece of engineering.
The Ffestiniog Railway runs past the site - on the `Deviation` built after part of the line was submerged under the lake.

 The village of Tanygrisiau nestles under snow-covered mountains.
Remnants of a water - chute below the modern dam.
Remnants of a vanished way of life (and death).
Remnants of a vanished way of life (and death).
The top reservoir - water is pumped here using when surplus electricity is available.
 Another power station (asleep now) broods in the distance....
 The Ffestiniog Railway - triumphant!

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