May 19 2013

Cranes and Shovels.

A day at Slimbridge W.W.T. today was a great success!

 A pair of Cranes have built a nest within sight of a hide at the reserve and I hear today (20th) that an egg has been lade as well. This is great news as Cranes generally don`t nest for five years and these are adults raised by hand from eggs only three years ago.

I digiscoped a few photo`s in spite of overcast conditions.
(Common) Crane at 400mm.
Common Crane.
Common Crane
We were also amazed to see up to eight other cranes overhead...

Common Cranes above Slimbridge W.W.T.

Common Cranes above Slimbridge W.W.T.
As for `shovels` - shovellers were abundant and I was able to digiscope some satisfying images.
Shoveller at 35x on Swarovsky ATX/Canon DSLR.
Many youngsters were about ...
Greylag geese.
Greylag goose chick.

Mute Swan family.
Mute Swan cygnet.

Moorhen chicks.
 Other woodland birds were in evidence; a couple being...
 A Little Grebe was having great success fishing...
Little Grebe with fish dinner.

Great Tit.
The sedge warblers were as tricky as ever, but a Reed Warbler was much more accomodating...
Reed Warbler.

Finally, the Black Headed gulls are nesting...
A further visit will be needed to look at any Crane chicks!

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