13/14th July 2013
Bempton Cliffs and Flamborough Head.

On arriving at the Visitor Center it is natural to dash down to the cliffs and the spectacle that awaits!
However, an important colony of Tree Sparrows can be viewed near the entrance -
Tree Sparrows.

Tree Sparrows.
It is undoubtedly the Gannets that provide the main show at the cliffs! The numbers of these magnificent birds have increased significantly with the changing patters of fish and the fishing industry.
The Cliffs.
There are THOUSANDS of them!

From the path with 400mm lens!

There are other birds of course!



The ever-popular PUFFIN has become less common.

Razorbills cling to impossible ledges.

The Kittiwakes are heard calling all along the cliffs!

Kittiwakes with chick.
Bempton Cliffs remains the best Sea-bird colony on the mainland for close views of our iconic species.

NEXT - Flamborough Head (in the fog)....

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