24th October.

Upton Warren.

The Jack Snipe was not cooperative this morning; he was visible but only just...
However, many Curlew and Common Snipe were on the grass in front of the hide! Many photographs were taken...

Common Snipe in front of hide.

Common Snipe in front of hide.




O well; next week we travel to Norfolk; Tichwell beckons...
23rd October

Upton Waren.

Returned again today.

This JACK SNIPE was visible for just a few minutes on `The Moors` pool. The shot was taken in the afternoon when the light is not ideal (back-lit somewhat).
Taken through the ATX `scope at 40x. It managed the back-lit conditions well.

Jack Snipe through ATX digiscoped.
Will return tomorrow morning....
Posted 21/10/13

As Autumn draws in the chances for birdwatching increase.

There follow some satisfying pictures (many digiscoped on my new ATX `scope) from Upton Warren.

It`s great to be able to visit in the week when the sun shines. Work is greatly overrated...

I had just changed from digiscoping to my 400mm lens when this kingfisher arrived!




It has been a long time, but I think its about time I restarted this little line of jotting...