Calke Abbey

Monday 4th November.

The first day of freedon from Skool for both of us saw a sunny day ideal for a stroll around Calke Abbey N.T.

The longhorn cattle were grazing on our usual path by the limes today. One mother was still being very attentive while a buzzard flew overhead.
Longhorn cow with calf.

The car park is being developed at the moment so that bird hide was inaccessible but the marsh hide once again yielded great views of the smaller birds.
Common Redpole.
 The Common Redpole was feeding on `weed` seeds and only stayed for a few minutes, but the tits were more obliging although very quick as usuall. No nuthatch today though.

Marsh Tit.
WE were suprised to see black sheep near the pools - and great Autumn colours.

Reflections in the pools.

Reflections in the pools.
 Further on, the tractors were out and it also occurred to me that the distant power station might be a sight worth recording as power generation patterns change.
Days numbered?
One for Joe?

The farm - a timeless scene recreated.
 Finally, the fallow deer were unusually cooperative! One youngster was still suckling from mom.

Young deer suckling.

Fallow Deer.
Once again, a great day out in a lovely N.T. property.

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