Hartshill Hayes and Coventry Canal Walk.

17th January 2014.
Another lovely peaceful walk on a week day...
This was a new venue for us and we will certainly visit again later in the year!

The day began well with some great views of a Goldcrest and trains in the distace from the hilltop.
The Train!
 The walk was muddy at times (!) but further views were to be had of the train and scenery in general before reaching the Coventry Canal.

Not something you see every day...

Bridge 37 on The Coventry Canal.
 A working stone quarry provided smoke, noise and smells but explained the presence of this old barge -
We walked onwards to Bridge 32 where there is a Canal Maintenance Depot. This is private though so could not be explored. This did not prevent shots over the wall though!
Unfortunately the weather turned gray at the end of the day.
I had to take care not to fall in for this shot as I wanted to `loose` the people on the bank.

On the way back we were treated to a brief view of a small deer.It might have been a longer view but for a very noisy dog owner!
AS I say; a good place to visit again in the Spring.

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