Beautiful Damoiselles, large red and blue damselflies and mayflies at the `Knapp.

This week saw the sun shining down on our favorite valley so we decided to checkout the dragonflies and other insects along the river banks of The Knapp and Papermill reserve.

There was much to marvel at!
The Beautiful Damselflies were much in evidence as were Common Blue Damselflies and Large Red Damselflies -

beautiful damoiselle 374  (31)
Male Beautiful Damoiselle.
beautiful damoiselle 374  (46)
Female Beautiful Damoiselle.

large red damselfly 374  (56)
Large Red Damselfly
common blue damselfly 374  (102)b
Common Blue Damselfly on Buttercup.
The Mayflies were emerging during the afternoon and the chabce was taken to get a good closeup; more wet knees!

mayfly 374  (90)
Mayfly resting on a stone.
A sisnister killer was lurking on a dead log nearby - an Ichneomon Fly was probing for unsuspecting moth larvae in the rotten wood....

ichneumaon fly 374  (10)ichneumaon fly 374  (12)
On a happier note, Orange Tips were still in evidence and a caterpillar was found with ease, although Holly Blues are scarce this year.

orange tip (male) 374  (42)
Male Orange-tip Butterfly on Herb Robert.
Several Comma Butterfly caterpillars were also easily spotted on their nettle food-plants as well.

comma caterpillar 371  (23)
Comma caterpillar on Nettle plant.

The Knapp and Paper Mill Nature Reserve (Worcestershire Wildlife Trust) remains an incredible reserve at all times of the year.

Later, I will look at its ORCHIDS....

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