Black Country Living Museum: The Newcomen Engine.

Black Country Living Museum

A visit to the Blackcountry Museum in Dudley is an amazing experience at any time but visiting when the  Newcomen Pumping engine are in steam is extra special.

Couple this attraction with a rare chance to watch the nation`s collection of tug boats operating in the canal arm on site as well and you have a day to REALLY remember!

The atmosphere on the 26 acre site is unforgettable as volunteers bring the above-mentioned artifacts to life and occupy the many houses and other structures moved and rebuilt to the represent the era of the 1930`s in this unique place.

For do not be in doubt - the Black Country is a REAL place; it just doesn`t appear on any map....

The Newcomen Pumping engine in steam - without modern visitors in the way!

The steam is condensed by cold water to complete the return motion.

Black smoke, steam and motion: lovely!
The pumping engine made it possible for men (and boys) to mine the coal and clay in spite of chronic flooding.
The canal arm on the museum site is an ideal place to demonstrate the barges, tug-boats and other forms of transport preserved here...

Loading boxes onto a `barge` by hand crane.
Loading boxes onto a `barge` by hand crane.

Loading boxes onto a `barge` by hand crane.

Tug-boat in action.

Many houses and shops from the blackcountry have been moved to the site and are brought to life by volunteers to create a snap-shot of the 1930`s.

Yes; you CAN buy a pint....and for 1d!

Coal was the main reason for industry in the blackcountry. The museum is built upon the site of several shafts.

The lime kilns are worth a closer look.

Chain-making was on show during this visit and many other skills can be viewed through the year.

There is a tram system (rail) to enjoy on the site although only the road-trams were available today due to the demands of track maintenance.

Ride on the buses for `free` if your legs get tired!

 We shall be visiting the `Red By Night` event on Saturday 17th. I hope to get some good photographs of the rolling mill in action by night....

The next entry will tell of our visit to Blists Hill - not so impressive it has to be said....

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