Blists Hill Victorian Town and the Trevithic Locomotive.

Monday May 5th 
Blists Hill Victorian Town is one of several `living museums` in the Iron Bridge Gorge that preserve something of the history of the start of the Industrial Revolution.

The museum takes the form of two `streets` of houses saved from other local places and rebuilt on the site along with the remains of an inclined plane and the stump of the canal system which once served the site and river below.

The reason for visiting on THIS day was that the Trevithic (replica) Locomotive would be up and running. (It is a little disappointing to see it only has a very short piece of line to run on by the canal in spite of being in the museum`s possession for several years).

The Trevithick Locomotive 368  (88)
The gearing can be a little tricky....
A fine sight, but more track should be available now...

The Trevithick Locomotive368  (73)
Full Steam Ahead!
However, I am ahead of myself for the first building visitors see in the museum is the bank (modeled on the still-standing Lloyds Bank in Brosely where today`s money can be exchanged for the older coinage of `pounds, shillings and pence` although inflation has taken a terrible toll!

Blists Hill 368  (4)
3d will cost over £1!
The High Street has several shops including the Grocer (from Highgate) as well as `The New Inn` where a pint of Bank`s may be purchased...

Blists Hill 368  (2) Blists Hill 368  (3) Blists Hill 368  (5)
368  (6)
Every shop has an actor in period costume.
Blists Hill 368  (7)

The butcher`s shop is well worth a second look - although the vegetarians amongst us might not be too keen about some of its authentic touches!
Blists Hill 368  (24)
Blists Hill 368  (21)
7p for a rabbit - how much for a goose????
Blists Hill 368  (22)
Checking the deliveries...

The streets are brought to life by other actors who`s characters are instantly recognizable...

Blists Hill 368  (19)
Blists Hill 368  (14)
`Read all About it!`
The policeman is a real character - who tends to lose his bicycle quite often!
Blists Hill 368  (26)
"You wait `till your mom hears about this"!
Horse lovers can admire the Shire Horses and even take a ride in the cart. We photographers who want to avoid all modern distractions must pick our angles carefully! (Why do people wear PINK for God`s sake and WHY PARK THE PUSHCHAIR IN THE MOST CONSPICUOUS PLACE!

Blists Hill Victorian Museum 368  (32) Blists Hill 368  (90)
I found the squatter`s cottage fascinating and the lady `living` there is a character!

Blists Hill Victorian Town 368  (54) Blists Hill Victorian Town 368  (50)
The Toll House (designed by Telford for the Holyhead Road at Shelton) is worth more than a glance. The garden is tended in period style and who can resist the pigs!

Blists Hill Toll House 368  (57) Blists Hill Toll House 368  (62) Blists Hill Toll House 368  (66) Blists Hill Toll House 368  (64)
Blists Hill Toll House 368  (63)
Other attractions include avillage school (!) with strict teacher. Make sure you know your `tables`. (Actually I was shocked by how many couldn`t work out 9x4 etc in the class).

There is molten metal to be watched BUT nothing on this May BANK HOLIDAY! That was a disapointment after yesterday`s Black Country Museum visit.

O well....
At least we can go again for `free` on the `passport ticket` and I know from past visits that the other sites are excellent.

More to follow - all pictures on my Flickr Feed will be in the `Living Museums` set.


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