Salamanders, Chequered Skippers, High Brown Fritillary and Green Hairstreaks.

We have just returned from a week in the Neiderau Valley, Austria.
The rain didn`t help but I must confess that Switzerland seems much more `joined-up` for Summer walkers....

Raindrops Austria-Niederau (308)
Rain-drops on flowers in the high meadows.
Still, some interesting wildlife was to be seen in the rain (and in the occasional sunny spells as well).

The Chequered Skipper is a tricky butterfly to find in the UK (especially is Scotland `leaves` us) so I was really pleased to see this male settled on a leaf.

chequered skipper Austria-Niederau  P5260666
Male Chequered Skipper.
Green Hairstreak, High Brown Fritillary and a few Camberwell Beauties were great spots as well in the alpine meadows...

Green Hairstreak Austria-Niederau (49)
Green Hairstreak Butterfly.

High Brown Fritillary Austria-Niederau (286)
High Brown Fritillary.

Camberwell Beauty Austria-Niederau (195)
Camberwell Beauty Butterfly.
The heavy rain during a woodland walk in the mountains provided very wet feat (!) as good views of the FIRE SALAMANDER crossing the path. Getting this shot tested the Olympus OMD M1 weather-proofing to the limit!

Fire Salamander Austria-Niederau (212)
Fire Salamander.
Bird-life in the valley and on the mountains was very sparse, but this Siskin was very obliging by the hotel, feeding on dandelion seeds.

Siskin Austria-Niederau (12)

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