Packwood House and Baddesley Clinton.

These two lovely National Trust properties can be used as part of a circular walk that takes in some charming countryside.
Furthermore, the grounds to each property are extensive and provide the ideal habitats for butterflies and dragonflies/damselflies. Who could ask for more?

Well me actually - the pot of tea was very welcome as well!

Packwood House has a charming garden and many architectural gems...
The whole property.

One of many rather baffling sun-dials.

A lovely detail.
The lake is home to several black-tailed skimmers that can be photographed at rest if watched carefully; they tend to return to the same point repeatedly.
black-tailed skimmer 384  (24)
Male Black-tailed Skimmer Dragonfly at rest.
The female looks completely different and spends more time away from water.

female black-tailed skimmer 382  (24)
Female Black-tailed Skimmer at Packwood House.
The garden pond provided great close-up shots of large red damselflies (egg laying) and water boatmen along with the more usual insects.
large red damselflies 384  (16)
Large Red Damselflies.
common blue damselfly 384  (15)
Common and Large Red Damselflies.
water boatman 384  (87)
Water Boatman from above!
Baddesley Clinten has some valuable wild-flower meadow that supports a good range of butterflies-

Large Skipper.


meadow brown 384  (77)
Meadow Brown Butterfly.
The walk between these two properties includes a stroll along the towpath of the Stratford Canal through Lapworth Junction. As this section of canal is to be a topic for more detailed consideration as part of a new web-site project I shall simply include a few pictures here of the length covered by the walk.

The junction.

These two properties are well-worth a visit.

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