RIAT 2014.

18th July - 21st July.

Red Arrows 387  (18)
The Royal International Air Tattoo this weekend turned out to be truly memorable event.
We began on Friday with the Red Arrows` Pit Day - a chance to see the aircraft close-up and to preview some of the `acts` that would be displayed during the weekend.

 I`m not sure everyone was too impressed by what was on show on Friday - but I was satisfied to at least see the aircraft close-up and the FIVE hours of air-show in the afternoon was well worth while.
Furthermore, arriving on Friday meant there was little traffic, and staying at The Cotswold Water Park during the weekend meant we could avoid trafic early on the Sunday morning as well. (We chose to walk in the park on Saturday - the one really sunny - but HOT- day)!

In spite of overcast skys and low cloud the photographic opportunities were most satisfactory and our Son-in-Law`s expertise on all things `aircraft` was certainly welcome!

Mental note for next time though - take a hack-saw for that bl***y loud-speaker pole....

The skylarks sang throughout the diplay and a hare made a surprise appearance on Sunday as well!

Hare 389 (171)

Some of the better pictures can be seen on my Flickr Feed.

I think my favorite shot is of the F16 producing huge amounts of `contrail` due to the dew point being so close to ambient temperature; it rained soon after!

F16 389 (10)b
F16 climbing fast and loud!
The Red Arrows were of course awesome (in their 50`th year) although they could not put on the full display due to low cloud.

Red Arrows 387  (143)b

The best commentary had to be that of the Italian Major....
"Up. up. UP into the sky....!!"

Italian Display Team 389 (241)

The Battle of Britain Flight with a special flight of the new Eurofighter (marked with the black-and-white lines of the D-Day Landing) during this 40th anniversary) was a timely reminder of what these pieces of impressive machinery are (or were) used for.

Battle of Britain Flight 389 (93)

Spitfire and Eurofighter 389 (96)

Helicopters can struggle to impress but this Apache Attack Helicopter was something of a show stopper!

Apache Helicopter 389 (43)

And finally for this rambling missive; the stuff that REALLY was of nightmares for those of us of a certain age -

Suckhoi Cold-War Nuclear Bomber 389 (64)


The sound of a screaming jet engine overhead is exciting in the UK.  This is regrettably not the case everywhere and I am sure I am not the only one who be perfectly happy to see these beasts consigned to the annals of history books and weekend airshows....

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