Draycote Water: Goosander, Black-necked Grebe and great views

March 10th: Draycote Water.

I thought I would include a further note on Draycote Water (even though it is out of synchronization), as I wanted to draw readers attention to the lovely setting of this reservoir for walking as well as the exciting Winter birds.

Those odd people who like to torture fish are plentiful but do at least provide a foreground...

Draycote Water 448 (70)
Looking away from the water can provide some nice typically `English" views -

ponies 448 (55)
The birds once again were worth the effort. This male Goosander was lovely in the strong sunlight as he fished just off-shore.

goosander 448 (62)

goosander 448 (64)
The Black-necked Grebe was still present as were several of his Little cousins (now in Summer Plumage in many cases).

black-necked grebe 448 (17)
Black-necked Grebe.

little grebe 448 (80)
Little Grebe.
The first Comma Butterfly was out sunning himself; the comma shows clearly on this shot of the butterfly with closed wings.

comma butterfly448 (49)
Comma Butterfly on bramble leaf.
The Pink-footed Geese were away feeding on the fields nearby but the Graylag geese were still worth watching -

greylag goose 448 (41)
- while the Coots were being their violent selves as they battled for supremacy! 

coots fighting 448 (83)
Wigeon were still present in small numbers as well.

wigeon in flight 448 (42)
Male Wigeon in flight.
Other birds photographed include Carrion Crow, Teal and white-fronted geese with their larger cousins.

white-fronted geese 448 (31)

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