Severn Valley Railway Easter Gala,

SVR: March 20th.

It was the day of the partial eclipse and sun was NOT expected! However, a great day was had travelling on the train and photographing these lovely machines at every opportunity.

The SVR organisers are to be congratulated for banning those cursed orange jackets from our photographs; now can we please avoid bright red modern cars at the stations as well?

I have posted a few photographs on my Flikr Feed:

SVR Arley 450 (71)
 BR No. 1501 at Arley, purchased by the SVR in 1970, at Arley station.

SVR Arley 450 (73)
BR No. 1501 at Arley, purchased by the SVR in 1970, leaving Arley station.

GWR 2857 at Arley SVR 450 (78)
A classic scene captured at Highley station, avoiding modern distractions...
It isn`t all about trains though; I had left the 1.4x converter at home on this day so was unable to make full use of the opportunities offered by no fewer that SEVEN buzzards circling low over Arley station!

buzzards over Arley station 450 (50)

I do like to look for those little cameo acts on days like this and the 40-150mm zoom on my Olympus M10 is just the job...

Arley SVR 450 (76)SVR Bridgenorth 450 (103)

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