Storks and Stilts in The Algarve.

A few days in The Algarve.
Part One - Silves.
 We visited The Algarve for 10 days in the middle of April this year to see if the flamingos would oblige the camera: no luck there due to the unusually cold northerly winds that had blown for several weeks prior to our trip.

 However, White Storks were present in large numbers with chicks and black-winged stilts were easily photographed as well. The town of Silves with its attractive Roman Bridge over the river offered many fine views of both, along with a lengthy view of the resident kingfisher.

Roman Bridge at Silves 456 (507)
The Roman Bridge of Silves: this stretch of river was rich in bird-life.

white stork 456 (102)

white stork 456 (523)

white stork 456 (551)
This image was captured from the walls of the castle.

white stork at Silves 456 (525)

kingfisher 456 (587)
The Kingfisher hovers above the water.
The Black-winged stilts were largely unaware of people on the banks, provided good views -

stilt 456 (496)

stilts 456 (584)
"Hold still dear"!
A Little Egret found fishing in the rich water very productive; it was possible to see the fish and eels reacting to the bird`s yellow feet -

little egret 456 (536)

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