Newborough Warren and The Ffestiniog Railway and a Turnstone.

Another Lovely stay with Our Good Friends at Nefyn.
4th April. 

Our good friend Carrie invited us over to her lovely cottage outside Nefyn to meet the `new arrivals` and once again enjoy her wonderful cooking and the scenic splendor of North Wales.

The new arrivals have settled in nicely now after the tragic attentions of Mr Fox towards their much-loved predecessors. We must hope that Daisy keeps her mates safe! I enjoyed a couple of morning photographing these handsome fellows in somewhat grey light )it is Wales after all)! However, I was pleased to see that their subtle colours actually show better in this more even light than bright sunlight. I have posted a few shots on Flikr; have a look...
Those Nefyn Ducks-454 (11)
Daisy is in charge....

Those Nefyn Ducks-454 (245)

While not admiring The Nefyn Ducks we repeated one of our favorite walks alongside the Ffestiniog Railway from the Power Station back to Tan-y-Bwlch. This provides great views of the railway in its environment and allows the study of the `old line` that was partially flooded by the lake in front of the power station. The construction of The Deviation is worth looking-up and reading about; it is a testiment to the dedication and foresight of many people who should be praised for their efforts.
I include a couple of photographs here but as always there are more on my Flikr feed....

454 (189)
Linda and Blanche are lovely engines. Linda is from the Penrhyn Railway.

454 (158)
The new line is above the lake that flooded the original section of railway.

454 (169)
The tunnel entrance tells of a long history.
The following day we traveled onto Anglesey and walked the beach at Newborough Warren. This is a lovely place steeped in history and now an important National Nature Reserve. (As an aside I would note that many dog-owners should be ashamed of their behaviour).
The sea-mist was affecting much of the North Wales coast so we were lucky to find full sun although later in the afternoon the mist produced some intriguing photographs.

454 (217)
Saint Dwynwen`s Chapel.

Sea-mist at Newborough Warren-Anglesey 454 (229)

Menai Bridge - 454 (239)
The Menai Bridge with  sea-mist shrouding the island shore.

turnstone - 454 (20)
A Turnstone does what its name suggests.

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  1. Great shot of the Menai Bridge and you're just showing off with that Turnstone.