Paderne Castle - Yellow Bee Orchids and great views.

A few days in The Algarve.
Part Three - The Paderne Castle Walk.

 This walk is well worth while in Spring although I suspect it would be much too hot and dry in the Summer. The castle is interesting enough but it is the flowers and Nightingales that are the stars.

I didn`t manage to capture an image of the ellusive Nightingales unfortunately but I have never heard so MANY singing in one place before!
Paderne Castle Walk 456 (218)
The path takes one past the old water mill (now a private property) before benches appear next to the original mill-owners cottage (now in ruins) and bread oven. It is a lovely place to sit and listen to the nightingales.

Paderne Castle Walk 456 (212)

Paderne Castle Walk 456 (221)
The bread-oven.
Paderne Castle Walk 456 (223)
The castle looks down on the old mill-owners` cottage.
The most notable flowers on this walk were Yellow Bee-Orchids. I had walked past many of them before suddenly realizing what I was looking at! It would have been pretty grim if I hadn`t realized until I got home!

456 (232)
Yellow Bee-Orchid.

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