Ponta de Piedade - caves, cliffs, gulls and butterflies.

A few days in The Algarve.
Part Four - The Cliffs and Caves of Ponta de Piedade.

The southern cliffs are frequently breathtakingly beautiful in The Algarve. One particular walk that is worth the effort is the walk West from Ponta de Piadade. The combination of golden beaches, high cliffs and blue sky and sea are the perfect combination for photography!

Ponta de Piedade Lighthouse 456 (413)
Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse.

Ponta de Piedade 456 (389)

The wet sands provide glorious colours and reflections.

Ponta de Piedade 456 (387)

The land near the edge of the cliffs is rich in wildlife also. The yellow-legged gulls are worth a second look and butterflies are numerous. Flowers are also sometimes quite exotic as well with the North African coast being near.

swallowtail 456 (471)456 (397)
yellow-legged gulls 456 (386)
Yellow-legged Gulls mating.

Ponta de Piedade 456 (459)
Ponta de Piedade 456 (477)
The main attraction for most however are the caves and sink-holes which can be viewed best by boat. The cost is small and the 30-minute trip is pretty unforgettable! I would recommend going when the tide is high. A few waves also add to the excitement!

Ponta de Piedade 456 (449)
Have a wide-angle zoom on the camera.

Ponta de Piedade 456 (440)

Ponta de Piedade 456 (424)
A natural arch.

Ponta de Piedade  THE ELEPHANT 456 (442)
`The Elephant`
A final surprise for us on this trip were the Cattle Egrets nesting on an outcrop of rock near the caves. The birds could be seen flying to and from the fields (and golf courses) inland and then returning to their nesting sites in flocks of up to 20 at a time.

cattle egrets Ponta de Piedade 456 (486)
Cattle Egrets on their nests safe from human interference!
I hope these few jottings have been of some interest. I shall return to this topic later after a few posts about our wanderings since we returned to Blighty.

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