The Other Birds of Upton Warren this Month.

(other than Avocets that is)...

Other birds that have attracted the attention of my camera this month at Upton Warren include the nesting Lapwing and Little Ringed Plovers and a lovely Black-Tailed Godwit.
There are two pairs of lapwing nesting that I have seen from the tower hide on The Flashes. One has placed herself nice and close to the hide. When sitting she is at the perfect distance for my digiscoping kit, and when on the move she often approaches the hide for minutes at a time; irresistible!

lapwing 459b (3)lapwing 459b (5)
I am particularly pleased of this set of images capturing the adult`s return to her nest after a few minutes away looking for food. In this cold weather she doesn`t really get much of a chance to find food as the eggs would quickly chill in ths constant cold wind we are having.
lapwing with eggs 462 (79)lapwing with eggs 462 (80)lapwing with eggs462 (83)lapwing with eggs462 (84)
The LRP nests are not so close and the telescope must be used to obtain any kind of picture of the adults brooding. They do occasionally venture close to the hide however and give brief glimpses at a reasonable distance. One must be quick (or lucky) with the focusing however!

LRP on nest 462 (9)little ringed plover 459 (65)little ringed plover 459 (66)
The Black-tailed Godwit is a colorful chap in his breeding plumage. I assume he is `on passage` but he does not seem to be in any kind of hurry! I am told he has been quite near the hide - I have had to use the `scope though.
  black-tailed godwits 462 (27b)
Finally, I know they are not everybody`s `cup of tea` but I find the Canada Geese quite intriguing. They make good parents; arranging for baby-sitters even in quite large creches. The chicks are endearing as well.
canada goose 462 (34)canada goose 462 (29)canada goose 462 (30) The Mallards can get pretty feisty as well at times. This squabble went on for several minutes when one female approached another`s chicks too closely by the feeders; the chicks were completely oblivious of course!
mallards 462 (50)mallards fighting 462 (46)
Mind you, it isn`t just the adults that fall out sometimes. These two Canada Geese chicks had taken a distinct dislike to each other; the parents just looked on as if to say `sort it out yourselves`!
canada geese 459 (110)

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