Torchwood 3: grebes, coots and cormorants.

A visit to Cardiff: 11th April 2015.

 It was finally possible to visit the hallowed grounds above Torchwood 3 last month, guided by Adam and Emma. The demise of the Torchwood Series due to the BBC`s mishandling is a cause for shame; why do we have to pay for a license when so LITTLE is available from Aunty Beeb today?

Cardiff 455 (40)
Torchwood 3.
Where indeed was The Doctor when we needed him the most....

Cardiff 455 (68)

Cardiff 455 (45)

On a happier note however, it was impressive to see what a great job had been done on developing the waterfront area after the destruction of the Torchwood 3 site.

Great Crested Grebes can now raise their families in safety and coots find plenty of man-made rubish to build their nests.

Great Crested Grebes 455 (89)

Great Crested Grebes 455 (110)

coot 455 (24)

Cormorants now look across land-locked docks as an old sailing-ship slowly founders....

cormorants in Cardiff 455 (78)

Cormorant 455 (76)
A cormorant dries his wings.

Eben Haezer 455 (14)
The Eben Haezer is slowly filling with rain-water.
In conclusion; a walk around Cardiff Bay on a sunny day is well worth the effort.

Cardiff skyline from the bay 455 (51)
View from the barrier towards the city center.

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