Coypu and Butterflies etc at La Plaine de Sorques (Nature Reserve); Fontainebleau.

La Plaine de Sorques is only a few miles from Milly la Foret (our base for the week) and offers a different set of ecosystems to the forest being a more open patchwork of fields and lakes.

There are two bird-hides on the reserve and it would clearly be a great spot for bird-watching in the Winter months. During our visit it was the insects - and a Coypu that caused some excitement for us as we had never seen one (of these introduced pests of waterways) before; they have been exterminated in the UK. 

This reserve is near to Grez-sur-Loing mentioned previously.  

scarlet dragonfly 468 (354)

marbled white butterfly 468 (348)

coypu 468 (417)

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