Photographing Dragonflies and Damselflies in flight - some successes.

I have been trying to photograph dragonflies (and their smaller cousins, damselflies) in flight this last few weeks.
The best technique seems to be the use of manual focus on the 40-150mm Olympus lens with the 1.4x converter in place. Auto-focus is too slow and unreliable for these blighters who only tend to hover for a second at the most. It pays to accept some cropping later in order to at least get the insect in shot...

batch_002 (268)
Southern Hawker at Hidcote Gardens.

batch_002 (76)
Common Damselfly.

male brown hawker 475 - 1
Male Brown Hawker.

common darter 475 (124b)
Common Darter.

common darter 475 (123)
Common Darter.

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