The Eiffel Tower

Staying in Milly la Foret meant we were an easy (and relatively cheap) train journey from Paris. Indeed, the forest is a popular destination at weekends for Parisians - a fact worth bearing in mind if solitude is to be sought in the forest.

I found the walk along the river from Eiffel Tower to Notre-Dame very noisy, hot and dusty; it is not at all like walking along The Thames from, say, the Houses of Parliament. The Tower itself was well worth the effort though; it is best to walk up the steps to the second floor; it`s quicker when queues for the lifts are long and the views are magnificent. I found the photographs taken from the first floor were in many ways best as smog was an issue higher-up.

On a somewhat negative note it should be said that more than the usual care should be taken regarding pick-pockets in the crown. I kept the camera bag properly closed at all times in the queues. It is probably best NOT to buy a `gift` from the many Sudanese migrants around the Tower....

Eiffel Tower 468 (218)Eiffel Tower 468 (215)

Eiffel Tower 468 (211)Eiffel Tower 468 (179)Eiffel Tower 468 (165)

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