Geese, Waders and Rutting Deer.

As stated in the previous post, She Who Will be Obeyed and I spent a week on the North Norfolk Coast doing a spot of bird (and mammal) watching.

It was great to see the `usual` waders present at the various reserves but I can`t help feeling the numbers of individual birds continues to decline each year. I am sure we used to see far more Redshanks and Curlew in past years for instance. Perhaps even these hot-spots are now cooling a little as so many species slip onto amber and even red lists....

013 (462)

One species that seems to have a more promising future is the Egyptian Goose; a growing population can be seen at Holkam Hall. If not present on the lake then they can be sought in the fields adjacent to the park.

013 (2188)013 (2229)

The other attraction to the hall is of course the deer. The fallow deer were rutting and provided some great photographic opportunities in spite of the misty rain. I particularly like this shot - called `Don`t Look`...

Don`t look` 013 (2361)
In conclusion;in spite of changeable weather, North Norfolk provided a great week of walking and bird-watching. We may re-visit next time in late spring.

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