Returning to the Fold: Canon 70D and 100-400mm MkII lens and 1.4x TC MkIII

There has been something of a lull in activity on this blog.
This has been due in no small part to a lot of heart-searching about my decision to go over to Olympus a couple of years ago.

Don`t get me wrong; it IS a very GOOD system but I was troubled by yet more delays regarding the promised 300mm f4 lens and the addition of IS to it - even MORE expensive AND heavier!

To curt a long story short; I have now spent NO MORE than I would have done buying the 300mm lens from Olympus by trading-in my stuff to WEX and buying a Can0n 70D, 16-135mm EFS lens, 100-400 Mk 2 lens, and two tele-converters! The total weight of this kit is no more than all the Olympus stuff either - and just TWO lenses!

Tests with the 1.4x TC so far have been very satisfying and I will now test the 2x TC; I believe this will be just as good as the Swarovski telescope AND it will have image stabilization. (I shall clearly use a tripod still)!

I have not found the live-view useful as I need to wear strong spectacles to see the screen close-up although the aoutofocus works well. (NOT as well as the Olympus though of course). I shall almost certainly use the viewfinder and manual focus; enjoying the benefits of the image stabilisation however which IS needed even with a `scope in any kind of breeze!

Here is a picture from Titchwell beach late in the afternoon using the 1.4x Mk3 and 100-400mm Mk2 lens...

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