A Great Grey Shrike and the 2x Teleconverter with the Canon 100-400mm L Mk2 zoom lens.

Having read comments by many `experts` that using a TC of any power behind the Canon 100-400 Mk2 lens would be pointless (or words to that effect) I am more than gratified by the photographs obtained of a Great Grey Shrike (a life-tick) at the RSPB Middleton Lakes Reserve. The first photograph (with the church in the background gives an idea of the distances involved and the amount of cropping still required in the later one.

I defy anyone to offer reasonable criticism about the performance of this combination (perched on top of a monopod resting against the fence for extra stability); I am also comparing the EASE of use with my original digiscoping kit.  

Butcher Bird and Church 019 (347)

019 (264)

All photographs were taken in CR2 RAW format and processed in Adobe Lightroom 6 with some sharpening and noise reduction. The image stabilization setting on the lens was `normal` as the mono-pod is not as stable as a tripod. I viewed through the viewfinder for focus - I would need reading glasses to use the live-view system; that is the next thing to try....

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