Kingfisher at The Wolseley Centre

We were advised to visit The Wolseley Centre near Rugely (Staffordshire Wildlife Trust`s Headquarters) to see kingfishers by a fellow bird-watcher earlier this year but it has taken us quite some time to actually get around to finding the place. We were certainly in for a treat as the resident kingfisher perched about 15ft from the hide for a hood 15 minutes while looking for fish (sadly without success). In spite of cloudy weather, pictures were very satisfying!
(Note that using the Satnav and postcode will deliver you at the old entrance on a private road - continue to the roundabout and follow the signs when within a few hundred yards of the reserve). 

021 (168)

These are the best pictures that I have managed to get so far due to the close approach of the bird. We shall certainly return in the Spring and Summer in the hope of seeing a family....

Other special birds can be seen here also; we missed the goosanders on the river but a tree-creeper performed up in the willow trees and provided some satisfying images (although small).

  021 (33)

Even the Canada Geese provided a focal point for some nice Autumnal shots as well...

It`s likely that we will return soon - I still want more pictures of that lovely jewel of a bird!

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