Hillers Farm Shop (near Dunington) for great birdwatching!

Hillers Farm Shop and Garden Center near Dunington (http://www.hillers.co.uk/) is certainly worth a visit when fine foods with minimum food-miles are required. I REALLY LIKE their bread pudding...

What is not always appreciated however is that they provide an excellent little hide with well-stocked bird-feeders. Food from the cafe also goes on the ground and attracts deer - watching a young deer eat cake while mom eats her cabbage is certainly entertaining. 

My first visit (to buy bread flour) provided great views of several deer and the `usual` woodland birds that visit feeders BUT I had no camera! (I`m still taking the tablets)...

The images below and others on my Flickr Feed show how close the birds are and relatively easy to photograph. Any reasonable camera will give good results. There were five great-spotted woodpeckers and up to three were visible at any one time for over an hour.
The half-dozen red-legged partridges were a real treat!

024 (490)
Great-spotted Woodpecker.

024 (471)

024 (743)

024 (389)
Marsh Tit.
024 (842)

Nah!!! 024 (174)
A young fallow deer enjoys cake!

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