Curio Bay - Yellow Eyed Penguins and a Petrified Forest.

A day-trip from Dunedin that is well worth the time is to Curio Bay on the coastal road; there are in fact many stops along the way on this road (The Catlins) and we will plan to allow more time to explore it more thoroughly next time - although perhaps not from Dunedin due to the BORING hour-long drive to get to the start of the road through the usual endless industrial sheep-farms.

The bay is famous because of its extensive petrified forest which is worth seeing.

NZ 13 (115)

NZ 13 (9)

The reason why this place will remain in our memories for a very long time however is not the waves and forest, impressive though they were. No, it was what happened just as we were about to leave...

A lady came dashing towards the steps from the beach as we climbed them shouting to people still on the beach to 2please stay away, give him room" etc. Odd..

O MY GOD! I must admit I really did say that....

A Yellow-eyed Penguin (super-rare and rushing towards extinction) was ambling up the `beach` towards us. It proceeded to walk (stopping occasionally to preen) straight past us well-within reach of the lens. This was a privilege....

NZ 13 (438)

He finally ambled up to the surrounding vegetation (the disappearance of which is a major problem - farming again) to scape the sun and digest his fish breakfast.

NZ 13 (472)
Sleep well!

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