Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula (2) New Zealand Sea Lions.

One mammal that we realy wanted to see (and indeed photograph) was the very rare New Zealand Sea Lion which (unlike the New Zealand Fur Seal which has rebounded significantly) is still a bit tricky to find - until you nearly blunder into one on the path!

We had been told that Sandfly Bay was the place to try so we drove to the trail-head over the usual well-maintained `unsurfaced` roads.  A short walk brought us to the bay - and one bull (male) sunning himself on the path; the only path....

It was a bit of a scramble through the invasive tree-lupins (a disaster in themselves) but the pictures were worth it. 

NZ 18 (1792)
NZ 18 (754)
NZ 18 (1878)

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