Bluebells and Dipper at Knapp and Papermill.

It`s that time of year again when the English Bluebell tops all other wild flowers with its cool beauty and aroma. This quintessentially British spectacle is under threat from Spanish Bluebells (an introduced invasive species) but there are still many `bluebell woods` to be explored up and down our fair isle.

One such place is the peaceful Knapp and Papermill Reserve in Worcestershire. This special place is great for orchids as well... 

bluebells 039f (177)
Bluebells with the ols paper-mill in the background (now the haunt of bats).
The reserve is a good place for butterflies and damselflies as well but the cold spring has delayed their appearance this year. However, the river did deliver a good long view of a Dipper at the top of the reserve by the mill - lovely! (The yellow wagtails are present but I suspect nesting is not yet underway; check the weir and old packhorse bridge).

dipper 039f (111)

On this day though, it was the bluebells....

bluebells 039f (169)bluebells 039f (191)

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