London Wetland Trust; Grebes, Parakeets, Lapwings and Sand Martins.

The Wildlife  and Wetland Trust Reserve at Barnes, London is a gem of a place that we always look forward to visiting in Spring and early Summer being relatively easy to access from the Midlands down the M40/M4/A4.
We particularly like to watch the antics  of the Red-necked Parakeets as they carry on with their lives completely oblivious to us humans (not all of whom are necessarily glad to see them)! They are hole-nesters so the gaps left in the visitor center`s walls are ideal and the trees provide plenty of food; the milder Winters helping the population to spread. Considered to be pests in some parts of Asia only time will tell if we have  a problem with these lovely birds here: they could certainly be a disaster for fruit-growers if they become too plentiful. They make nice pictures though....

ring-necked parakeet 040a (883)ring-necked parakeet 040a (77)

Another `target` species for me are the Little Grebes as they show very well in the small pools in the Wild Section, providing great chances for lovely shots as they raise their families in the reeds around the pools.

little grebe 040a (708)

The sand martins are well-placed for photography here as well although the shots are distant.

sand martins 040a (270)

The Egyptian Geese are also growing in numbers; the 80D/mark 2 100-400mm lens making flight shots pretty easy...

egyptian goose 040a (467)

So if you are visiting London this Spring or just fancy something a little different, go to this lovely reserve.

O yes, the cake is nice too....

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