Grass Snake and Painted Lady at Middleton Lakes.

August 5th dawned with some sunshine but fairly strong winds so our preferred walk from Kingsbury Waterpark to Middleton Lakes (RSPB) via the canal seemed a good idea after a few days of allotment weeding!

There wasn`t `much about` so far as birds are concerned at this `quiet time` but a good sighting of a grass snake crossing the canal was very welcome! (These lovely reptiles seem to be doing well on this stretch of canal). I was pleased to capture the snake`s tongue `tasting/smelling` the air in these shots.

Grass Snake 054 (972)

Grass Snake 054 (954)

Butterflies remain scarce but rhis Painted Lady allowed a few close-ups before heading North from the RSPB carpark.

Painted Lady Butterfly 054 (1096)
A migrant butterfly in the UK; the Painted Lady is seen mostly in late Summer in the Midlands.
Common Blue and Holly Blue butterflies were present along the canal in the mid-afternoon although numbers are still small. Hopefully, numbers will increase as the month proceeds...

Holly Blue 054 (1279)
Holly Blue (Second brood).
dg Brood).
Common Blue 054 (1222)
Common Blue on Birds-foot Trefoil.

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