Great Central Railway Autumn Gala

Steam galas at the GCR are always worth a visit due to the intensive operation that is possible on this unique 8-mile section of double-track railway.
Our preferred spot tends to be the station at Quorn as the field used for car-parking is so convenient. Also, good views of the trains are possible from the station surroundings including the road bridge.

062a (70)
A freight train approaches Quorm and Woodhouse Station.
The Traveling Post Office (TPO) is worth watching here as well as `letters` are dropped and collected from the line-side. The train is only traveling at 30 mph (they used to travel - at night - at up to 80mph) but it is still an awesome spectacle as the train hurtles past.

062b (575)
A successful drop-off of letters.
The road-bridge at Loughborough Central also offers good views of activities although high walls and obtrusive housing development can detract from the experience.

062b (296)
From the road bridge at Loughborough Central.

In conclusion, this railway does not offer as great a variety of `views` as some, but the double-track operation certainly provides plenty of entertainment.

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