Bradgate Park

Bradgate Park near Leicester is a great place to observe and photograph both red and fallow deer at any time of the year and the Autumn colours this year added that extra colour to lift the scene out of the ordinary. The view of the Tower and War Memorial with some of the beautiful Veteran Oaks in the foreground sums-up the park's beauty at this time of the year perfectly.

Bradgate Park Tower and War Memorial 068__531

When we visited the deer had completed their rut but still carried their splendid antlers so it was worth seeking them out and trying to use the low sunlight to my advantage.
red deer tasting the air 068__575 fallow deer 068__598

The Fallow Deer tend to remain apart from their larger cousins but are never to far away. Again, the low sun and veteran trees provide some lovely photo' opportunities.

fallow deer 068__418

However, at this time of year it is the veteran trees that command the most respect as they stand and watch time pass by...


veteran oak 068__518veteran oak tree 068__279

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