Rutting Deer and Misty Autumn Colours at Bradgate Park; Leicestershire.

October 30th.

Bradgate Park is an excellent place to view both Red and Fallow Deer at all times of the year although there is certainly more excitement at this time of year with the rutting season in full swing!

Unfortunately, the weather was not great with dark clouds and mist but we decided to call it 'atmospheric' and head for the quieter areas where the deer tend to congregate during the weekend. 

We were  not disappointed with some great action from the Fallow Deer and lovely atmospheric (!) views of Red Deer.

fallow deer rutting 065 (473)red deer 65 (42)

I was intrigued to see deer with crows picking flies or ticks from their skin - even close to eyes and ears. It reminded me of elk across the pond - who needs to travel to foreign parts?

red deer 065 (177)
Interesting behaviour.
As already indicated; the weather was not really conducive to landscape photography but a few shots were possible with careful editing in Lightroom afterwards.

Bradgate Park on a misty day 065 (273)
Autumn Colours - Veteran Oaks.
There re (as always) more images on my Flikr Feed  but I thinks these serve to illustrate the day.

As I write this I am recovering from the second day of great sunny weather and some wonderful photo' opportunities at Croome Park but I shall not be processing these photographs (or more from Dudmaston House) until I receive my new 27 inch iMac (5K screen) next week! I want to enjoy the bright detailed images on a better monitor than the one I am using now....

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