Tragedy at Kaikoura and Ohau Point.

Having visited New Zealand South Island this February (see earlier blog entry) Sue and I are truly appalled and upset about images that have appeared online over the last week. We do wonder how people (friendly welcoming) have fared and will fare in the future.

The destruction of one of our fondly remembered view-points where baby sea lions were watched up-close without disturbing them. The road was beautiful too; now blocked by tonnes of debris and the coast line appearing to have 'moved' up to 200 metres away due to the lifting of the sea-bed. One can only imagine the effect on local wildlife and people who rely on fishing and tourism.

It is chilling to see that roads we travelled along are now impassable and the town of Kiakoura has been so badly damaged.

We also raise that some lovely walking we did in the far South must have been on paths innundated by sea-water...

I finish with a link to a few re-posts on Flikr and wish the people of South Island all the best and hope they manage to return to some semblance of 'normal' by the festive season.

We shall, of course, return...

destroyed by earthquake NZ 03 (142)

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