Some Special Birds to Round-off the Year (1)

It's Christmas evening and Dr. Who has once again saved Planet Earth from a fate worse than death itself and Strictly must be ignored...

So this seems an ideal time to look back over the past month on my Flikr feed and recall some great birding moments near home and a little further away (and perhaps watch Len for the last time)...

Exactly one month ago (!) I was treated to some of the best views ever of the Curlew at Upton Warren (Moors) who decided to fly to and fro between the fields behind us several times. Even the lighting was good.


Even the kingfisher finally proved not be mythical after all!


I have mentioned the awesome Hen Harrier that visited for a few days already so now I must turn my attention to our latest visit to Slimbridge WWT - perhaps our favourite birding location.
The Bewick Swans had returned for the Winter and many photo' opportunities were provided by these beautiful birds at close quarters in this unique place. They always make the journey down the motorway worthwhile!

Bewick Swan 071__339Bewick Swan 071__79

The other show-stoppers are of course, the cranes; now regular sightings sometimes make us forget what an amazing achievement their re-introduction to the UK has been!

Common Crane 071__352
Finally, this still remains the best place I know for getting close views of male Pintails in all their splendour.

Northern Pintails 071__350


December has also seen us visiting a new reserve for us - Marsh Lane of the Packington Estate. We had heard of this place many times while sitting in hides at Upton Warren and finally located it (and the funds to join - we are pensioners after all). It was certainly worth while!  I have never been so close to Wigeon and Common Snipe since I been birding photography! AND you can watch Airbus 380's and trains as well!




A Christmas visit to our son and partner provided a lovely walk on the banks of the River Ogmoor and Dunraven Estate. I have included a shot of the Goldeney on the river (others are on my 'Feed) but I would urge you to read Adam's superior account) at

goldeneye 075__237


Finally for this post (the cheese and nibbles are on the way after all), I shall include Goosanders and Great Northern Diver at Draycote Reservoir. This site provides a lovely walk and great birds surprisingly close to the path - perhaps the absence of doge (they are banned) - helps?

goosander 075__431great northern diver 075__364
That will do for now - it isn't possible to concentrate while the better half and daughter are 'singing' lyrics to Frozen....


and again.....


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