Velvet Scoters at Staunton Harold reservoir.

We had just enjoyed our lunch at the car-park of Staunton Harold Reservoir and were walking back towards the path back to Calke Abbey when a chap climbed out of his car (with a telescope) and asked "where's the best place to view them from"?

Er... view what?

"The Velvet Scoters by the dam".



The light was too hazy at the car-park edge but clearer views of the two (very distant) birds were possible from the water's edge near the boating club.

After some careful searching - THERE THEY WERE!

velvet scoters 078__608
Velvet Scoters.
He had used Rare Bird Alert....

He was a twitcher....


£50 per year?


Think we just became twitchers as well....

O dear.....

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