Three Weeks Birding in Florida - Part Three Kennedy Space Centre and SpaceX.

We had originally just intended to visit The Kennedy Space Centre on our way from Orlando to our hotel on Merritt Island but ended-up revisiting two days later to watch SpaceX fail to launch....

The Centre is certainly worth visiting if only for the spectacular way in which Space Shuttle Atlantis is displayed - go see! (The photographs cannot do the whole effect justice.

Atlantis in her final resting-place.
It is also important (in my opinion) to visit the memorials to past heroes - there are memories to be re-lived here.

Lest we forget... 090_127

As mentioned in the title, we were able to see SpaceX's rocket waiting by the launch-tower on our first visit and we watched with growing anticipation with many thousands of others for it's launch - which was aborted just 17 seconds before T-0!
The rocked did launch successfully the nest morning but we were unable to attend as we were scheduled to travel on to Naples. If a rocket-launch is scheduled for your stay - then do try to go; it is certainly an experience even if the launch eventually is scrubbed...



Suoper-cooled oxygen vents from the a fuel-tank.

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