A Couple of Exciting Butterflies.

I should record the successful photography of two rare butterflies for the UK before too much time elapses and anyone wishing to go-see can visit the same locations.

Glenville Fritillary
                                 A week on the Island of Guernsey was particularly noteworthy for the successful location and photographing of this very rare (for the UK) butterfly. They are to be found on the south coast of the island - just walk the coastal path and keep your eyes peeled! Note that the increasingly rare Wall Brown is also common here.

Glanville Fritillary 114_98
Glenville Fritillary.
Back on the 'mainland' the butterfly of note is the rare Wood White. This was found (in good numbers) at Bury Ditches thanks to the help of the Butterfly Conservation walk leader this week. I was surprised by the numbers of the butterflies present and the presence of experts greatly enhanced the experience as the mating activity was described and then observed. These organised walks (free and you needn't be a member) are a great way to find butterflies and learn about their habits AND about the efforts being put into preserving them. It is certainly not all bad news by any means.

Courtship behaviour of two Wood Whites - the male is on the right.

And finally: evidence of successful preservation efforts - a caterpillar on a newly prepared area of the woodland.

wood white caterpillar 117b_399