'BREXIT' the Blackbird.

In which European migration becomes an issue for a local resident...

The weather had been somewhat cold over the previous few days and finally over eight inches of snow fell overnight on December 8th, promising some exciting photographic opportunities that I had thought long-gone with the effects of Global Warming.

Unfortunately, the National Trust has (lets be polite) a very cautious  approach to snow and Charlecote was to remain closed for days - until the snow had long gone...
Travelling pretty well anywhere else here in the Midlands would be adventurous with the poor standards of driving - and roads....

There were to be a few hours of glorious entertainment in our back garden however, provided by our resident Blackbird who had been slowly eating the Firethorn berries outside our back window for the last few weeks, jealously guarding them from any other thrush that might approach.

male blackbird 142g_606
'Brexit' our resident blackbird before the onslaught!

I am sure I saw his beak drop as a flock of at least 35 Redwing and a few Fieldfare crossed the borders of his domain and defender upon 'his' berries! (The truth is that were planted for just these birds). He must have spent over an hour chasing the fieldfare off one by one only to have more arrive behind him: border controls were clearly totally inadequate! He gave up in the end and sat on the fence watching...

redwing 142g_569
Redwing (probably from Scandinavia).

redwing 142g_661
There's just too many of them!

Finally one of the elegant Fieldfare decided to feast on the berries - these are impressive birds and always welcome in the garden. They are more cautious than the other thrushes so can be difficult to approach sometimes.

fieldfare 142g_959

It was also good to see a few Starlings in the garden - once plentiful they are now sadly in trouble with numbers crashing in the UK. Their Winter plumage is stunning when seen in good light.

starling 142g_559

Eventually of course, the berries had been stripped from the bushes by this influx of migrants and the garden fell silent once more.
Brexit returned to the path by the window and pecked in a distinctly desultory fashion....

Hi ho....

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